Living at Aura

- Toddy
I have been living here since April 2015. I enjoy my space thus far and the surrounding area is fantastic. Although i do have a few complaints: I smell weed just about everyday in the hallway as i think there is a drug dealer that lives 4 doors down from my apartment. Parking is terrible. They should invest in parking stickers or something to ensure that ONLY residents are parking on the lower floors. Also, people like to rev their cars up and down the driving portion of the garage, so you could possibly get hit by a car. The noise is usually only heard from homes when you are walking down the halls. But most nights i hear my top neighbor 'bumpin music, i say bumpin because it is really bass-ey and annoying. Living space is okay, could be bigger and could have more storage in the bathrooms, but i digress. Maintenance is pretty great. They are so kind. Also, Staff: Maybe they have gotten better people, that one girl Alethcia im glad shes gone; she was really rude alot of times or bothered by most things. Impressive for someone to act that way when you are working with "luxury clientle" The property manager has always been amazing. Shelley, you da greatest. Hopeful to see what the rest of my stay will be like with Aura. I would like more resident events. The Wine tasting in the courtyard was awesome.